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Exhibition regulations and Agreement

Bergen Spraytan AS is the organiser of Bergen Beauty 2019 at Edvard Grieg Hotel Bergen. Some conditions have been set to ensure the exhibition runs smoothly


In the event of cancellation of a stand, services or products.

Registration is binding and exhibitors who withdraw from the exhibition will be liable to pay the following rates:
a) Notice of cancellation received in writing five months before the exhibition: 50% of the stand rate.
b) Notice of cancellation received later that five months before the exhibition does not a qualify for a refund.

Each exhibitor is responsible for their stand to be put up and ready before opening hour of the exhibition. Also, each stand must be open until the exhibition closes. It is not possible to start putting down the stand before closing time. 
*If this regulations is not held, there will be a fee for the company at following rates: 
- Stand is not ready when the exhibtion opens: 10.000kr fee per hour. 
- Starting to close down the stand before the exhibition closes: 10.000kr
- If the exhibitor is no show at the exhibition, the company/exhibtior will be liable to pay 20.000kr per day. 

Injection treatments and cosmetic procedures

To exhibitors in the categories Cosmetic nursing, Aesthetic treatments, Piercing and Tattoos.
It is the responsibility of each exhibitor to conduct their activities in accordance with the applicable rules laid down by the Norwegian authorities, and we comply with the local regulations in force at all times.
Visitors, guests and others who wish to receive treatment at the exhibition do so at their own risk.
As organiser, we urge all our exhibitors in this catogory to only conduct consultations etc. at the exhibition, and to perform treatments at a later date at a salon or clinic, out of consideration for safety and hygiene etc.

Sharing a stand

It is possible to share a stand. Each company need to register to our form, and inform us wich company they are sharing stand with.

Customs clearance

Each exhibitor, or, if relevant, their forwarding agent, is responsible for obtaining customs clearance.


The exhibitor must take out insurance covering loss of and damage to property before, during and after the exhibition. The Grieg Hall is not liable for loss of or damage to the exhibitor’s property.

Materials used and the construction of the stand

The stand must only be built within the designated area. Partition walls, lighting and decor must be installed so that they do not pose a risk of injury to people, damage to other people’s equipment or a fire hazard. Mats and decor of fabric and flammable materials must be treated with an approved fire-retardant liquid. The hotel can demand to see written documentation and to conduct a flame test of the material. The use of polystyrene, paper, paper sacking, straw and other flammable decor materials are not permitted without the special permission of the hotel.

Picking up goods

Goods that are to be picked up must be placed in the designated area and marked with the relevant name, address and carrier. All goods must be picked up during the period in which the exhibition is dismantled. The hotel reserves the right to move goods that have not been picked up at the exhibitor’s expense, including transport, storage and dispatch costs. Unmarked goods will be regarded as waste and discarded when the exhibition has been dismantled.

Building-related alterations/signs/placards

Building-related alterations such as drilling holes, painting floors, gluing mats in place etc. are not permitted. Signs, posters, flags/banners etc. must not be hung up outside the exhibitor’s stand without the approval of the hotel. If such permission is granted, the exhibitor must use means of fixation that do not result in damage or leave marks. The material must be removed immediately after the exhibition, as well as the means of fixation, e.g. cable ties, string, tape. Double-sided tape etc. must not be used on painted concrete surfaces. The removal of any material not taken down by the exhibitor and the repair of any damage to the building will be charged to the exhibitor.