Nails Olympic


We invite all nail designers to our Nails Olympic Norway competition 19th - 21st October 2018.
The competition is organized in collaboration with the Bergen Beauty fair, in Grieghallen.

PRICES                                               DIVISION 1                             DIVISION 2

Gel Polish Manicure                               390kr                                       590kr
Pink&White Acryl                                    390kr                                       590kr
Pink&White Gel                                      390kr                                       590kr
Salon Nails                                             390kr                                       590kr
Stiletto                                                    390kr                                       590kr

When submitting to the competition you will recieve your invoice on email for the categorys you have applied to. The invoice must be paid in advanced of the championship to be able to attend. 


If submitting to more than two categories, you will receive 25% in discount!

The rules and timetable for the championship is here.